Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Warblers of the Americas: An Identification Guide

As Eric said in his last post fall warbler migration is well underway. While out birding today at Shawnee Lookout Park in Cincinnati, I saw a few migrating warblers, including one Blackburnian, one Tennessee, and one Black-throated Green. While watching these birds actively forage in the treetops, I began to think that many people might be interested in learning more about the lives and migration patterns of these amazing little birds.

Front Cover

I highly recommend reading and studying Warblers of the Americas by Jon Curson, David Quinn and David Beadle. This book was published in 1994 but contains information on warblers that is still incredibly accurate. You can learn many field marks by reviewing the 36 full-color plates (pages) that contain amazing drawings and distribution maps. By reviewing and studying these drawings, you will make your birding trips much more enjoyable. There are also pages of information on the identification, geographical variation, voice, habitat, breeding and much more for each species.

This is a very well researched, written and illustrated book that every birder should own.

If you would like to purchase this book please click here to go to Amazon.com.

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