Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Endless Possibilities

With all of the areas to photograph wildlife and scenery in Indiana, I would have to say that Goose Pond FWA is my favorite place to photograph in the summer. There are almost endless possibilities if you arrive early. Every day there is a unique, and many times an amazing sunrise or sunset to photograph. The water and vegetation in the marshes enable you to photograph each sunrise and sunset in a unique way. Many mornings there is fog or steam, which enhances your opportunities even more.

This photo was taken on a foggy morning at Goose Pond.

The mornings and evenings give you great chances to photograph birds. Many of the bird species that live in the marshes are hard to photograph due to the distance from the bird. Some of the herons and egrets give you great opportunities for some environmental shots. The sunrises and sunsets are great for taking environmental shots of herons and egrets. Grassland birds are much easier to photograph than the marsh bird species. There are many Grasshopper and Henslow’s Sparrows that give you a chance if you have a long lens. For almost all bird photography you will need at least a 400mm lens.

During the middle of the day my photography usually switches over to butterflies and dragonflies. The entire property is full of butterflies during the middle of the day. There are many swallowtails of all species to photograph, and lots of times with great backgrounds. There are also many dragonflies to photograph throughout the wetlands. If you can find the dragonflies in the early morning it is much easier to photograph them. The colder it is the slower moving they become. Every day you spend at Goose Pond presents you with opportunities, and the more time you spend the better your photography will turn out.

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