Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miami Whitewater Park

This morning was a wonderful day to be out birding. I made my first trip ever to Miami Whitewater Park on the northwest side of Cincinnati. After being mildly frustrated with parts of the park being closed and a 5k run that was taking up way to much space, I finally found the parking area for the wetlands unit and had a great day. The tree line that separates the wetlands from the surrounding farm fields contained many warblers, including both a Connecticut and a Mourning Warbler. The tree line also allowed me to get great looks at two early migrants, a Blue-headed Vireo and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.


While continuing around the wetland, which was much larger than I had thought, I was able to photograph a couple of butterflies and some interesting flowers. Farther down the trail, there was a little bit of exposed mudflat that had a few Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, one Least Sandpiper and many Killdeer. This spot could be great for shorebirds with just a little more rain. It has been so dry in the Cincinnati area that the marsh really has no water and I was happy to see the few shorebirds that I did. Overall a great day and I will be back to Miami Whitewater in the future.

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