Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Winter Residents

While birding this past Sunday at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, it was very evident that many of our local winter residents are on their way back into town. While there were still some migrants present, such as many Yellow-rumped Warblers, winter residents were everywhere.

After stopping to pick up the reported Franklin’s Gull, we continued on to the marina where we found many birds. There were many Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglet and White-throated Sparrows, both a sure sign that fall is here. After finding a few migrant warblers, we decided to check the mudflats on the north end of the reservoir. While there were only a few shorebirds present, we did find another winter resident on our hike, two Dark-eyed Juncos.

It is really starting to feel like fall and the presence of our winter residents show that winter is not all that far away. Overall it was a great day that was capped off by our Birdathon luncheon to celebrate a successful year of fundraising.

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Chad said...

I could not find the Franklin's Gull!