Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green Jay vs. Wood Thrush

#3 Green Jay
  • The young from the year before help their parents raise young the year after they are born.
  • Green Jays are very bold and will often allow close approach.
  • They will visit feeders that have oranges and jelly like an oriole.
  • Green Jays are known to use tools such as sticks to find bugs to eat.
  • There are two populations in Central and South America seperated by 900 miles that may represent seperate species.

#14 Wood Thrush

  • Many people consider the song of a Wood Thrush as one of the most musical of all birds.
  • Wood Thrushes return to their breeding grounds year after year.
  • Brown-headed Cowbirds parasitize the nest of the Wood Thrush as much as any other species.
  • It is the official bird of the District of Columbia.
  • Forest fragmentation is a primary concern for conservationists studying the decline of the population

The first upset of the bird bracket occured last time with Anhinga beating Common Loon.

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Kathie Brown said...

I haven't heard of the bird bracket but it's extremely hard for me to choose one bird over the other since I love all birds. I like the family aspect of the green jay, but I like the subtle beauty and the song of the wood thrush. I've seen a wood thrush. I've never seen a green jay.