Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photographing McCormick's Creek State Park

The main attraction at McCormick's Creek State Park is an approximately 12 foot waterfall but many of the prettiest parts of the park are down creek from the falls. There are many small falls and rapids throughout the valley both above and below the main falls. For photographers and nature lovers alike hiking below the falls creates many beautiful scenes. Even though the water level is still a bit low I use some waders to create most of my images at this location. Many times the best anlgle at a falls or rapids is from the middle of the creek. There are also great backdrops from the creek including mature Sycamores and cliff faces. In a couple of places the cliff faces can turn into waterfalls during periods with lots of precipitation. Lots of wildlife also lives in the valley. Many species of birds use the area year round and Brown Creepers can be very easily found during the winter. The CBC in this location has one of the highest counts of Brown Creepers for Indiana every year. You can find many herps in the area as well including snakes, salamanders, frogs, and toads.

I made this shot while wading in the stream. This little set of two small falls in below the major falls. Many interesting compositions are possible with this falls.

This shot shows some rushing water and some interesting Sycamore trunks. To see the detail in the trunks click on the photo for a larger version.

I photographed this area of the creek from in the water. Coming in the morning would give better and warmer lighting so I will be making a trip back here when the conditions are better.


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