Monday, January 19, 2009

#4 Painted Bunting vs. #13 Snow Bunting

Painted Bunting

  • The western population of Painted Buntings are one of the only songbirds that molt on their wintering grounds.
  • Males are very territorial and thier fights sometimes result in thier competitor being killed.
  • The eastern population of painted Buntings is declining due to loss of habitat.
  • A group of Painted Buntings is known as a "mural" or "pallate" of buntings.
  • Male Painted Buntings are said to be the most beautiful bird in the United States.

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Snow Bunting

  • Male Snow Buntings arrive on thier breeding grounds in early April when it is still very cold in the Arctic and establish a territory 4 to 6 weeks before females arrive.
  • Females must stay on the nest for nearly the whole incubations period. The male bring food to the nest so that the female does not have to leave the nest to feed.
  • Snow Buntings only go through one molt per year. They rub thier feathers against the snow to break off the dark feather tips.
  • The only passerine to winter farther north than the Snow Bunting is the Common Raven.
  • A group of Snow Buntings is called a "drift."

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Kelly said...

...I love them both! I can't choose...the pressure.

Allison said...

I love painted buntings! I am hoping to see one over my spring break. I am going to Sapelo Island, Georgia as a field study and they're supposed to be there!