Tuesday, January 13, 2009

#4 Ross's Gull vs #13 Long-tailed Jaeger

Ross's Gull

  • The Ross's Gull often feeds on mudflats like shorebirds.
  • Although normally only found in the high Artic, there is a small breeding population in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Adults have a pink wash on thier underparts.
  • The Ross's Gull's wintering range is unknown.
  • Ross's Gulls nest in loose colonies and lay 1-3 eggs that are incubated by both parents.

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Long-tailed Jaeger

  • The Long-tailed Jaeger is the smallest jaeger.
  • The Long-tailed Jaeger has 5-10" central tail feathers extend beyond the end of the tail during the breeding season.
  • The Long-tailed Jaeger is the most abundant and widespread jaeger in the Artic.
  • Lemmings are the main source of food for Long-tailed Jaegers.
  • Long-tailed Jaegers are more likely to catch thier own food during migration than are larger Jaeger species that steal thier food from gulls and terns.

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