Sunday, February 1, 2009

January is Gone but Here Comes February

Wow, January went by fast but for some reason it also seems like it drug on a little too. Many great birds were seen, the temperatures dropped to unbearable, and the snow stacked up to a foot. Many winter finches moved into and through Indiana including record setting numbers of White-winged Crossbills, some Common Redpoll, many Pine Siskin, and many Purple Finches. Rarities were found including Spotted Towhee and Varied Thrush. I was able to find 95 species in Indiana in January without really putting forth much effort. The highlights for my January would definitely include my trip to the lakefront to see both Spotted Towhee and Varied Thrush, great looks at a White-winged Scoter at Eagle Creek Park, and watching a flock of over 200 Horned Larks, 75 Snow Buntings, and 20 or so Lapland Longspurs feeding close to the road in some open agricultural fields.

February started off well today too with very warm temperatures and many birds including Snow Bunting, Horned Lark, Purple Finch, Hermit Thrush, and Yellow-rumped Warbler. Keep the warm weather coming.

Here is my favorite photo from the month of January.

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Allison said...

Beautiful photo! I hope to catch some cool birds in my ornithology class this semester :)