Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#7 Snowy Egret vs. #10 Laysan Albatross

Snowy Egret

  • Snowy Egrets were hunted to near extinction in the 1800s and early 1900s. There feathers were sold for twice the price of gold.
  • These birds preform elaborate displays when returning to their nests so that their mate can identify them.
  • Snowy Egrets are known to be very good at detecting and avoiding poisonous snakes.
  • Adults are easily identified by their yellow feet and black legs.
  • A Snowy Egrets typically yellow lores can become bright red during the breeding season.

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Laysan Albatross

  • This albatross is named after one of the islands that it breeds on in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
  • They are currently expanding the number of breeding colonies that they inhabit and have even begun to nest off of the coast of Mexico.
  • The biggest breeding colony is located on Midway Atoll in Hawaii. There are about 441,000 pairs nesting on this island alone.
  • Their diet consists mostly of squid.
  • Many chicks are dying on Midway Atoll due to lead poisoning from lead based paints that were used on former military buildings on the island. The government is currently doing nothing to fix the problem because the clean up with cost $5.6 million and there is no money dedicated to the new Northwest Hawaiian Island Marine National Monument.

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