Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How can you help save the Red Knot?

I recently received an email asking bird bloggers like myself to help the Delmarva Ornithological Society raise money to help protect the Red Knot's habitat in Delaware. This is a species that has undergone serious declines in its population and is in serious need of help from birders and conservationists in order for it to survive.

The Red Knot has suffered serious declines due to the over harvesting of Horseshoe Crabs. The Knots use the beaches in Delaware as stopover sites to fatten up before heading north to breed in the high Arctic. Without this essential food source, the Knots will not be able to survive. This area is also a stopping point for Semipalmated Sandpipers whose population has dropped by 80%.

What can be done?

In 2007, the Delmarva Ornithological Society decided that the only way to help ensure the survival of this species was to purchase the beaches which are critical to the Red Knots. They used a Bird-a-thon as a source of funding and were able to raise $70,000 in only 2 years. Most of this money was used to purchase 16 acres of bayfront property that is an essential feeding and staging area for shorebirds. Now, they have the ambitious and admirable goal of raising $45,000 more to purchase the remaining 64 acres of bayfront property that is adjacent to the 16 acres they have already purchased. When this is complete, 2 miles of bay coastline will be protected.

Where do we come in?

In order to make this all happen, DOS needs donations from concerned birders and conservationists like all of us. If you live in or near Delaware, consider actually participating in the Bird-a-thon, if not, please consider donating to this wonderful cause. You can find more information about this organization and make a donation by visiting

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Kelly said...

I didn't know about this. Thanks for spreading the word!!