Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Non-Native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act

On Thursday, April 23, a new bill will go before the U.S. House that could ban the sale of all non-native species in the United States. At first, this may seem a little extreme but, when you look at the many ways that exotic wildlife can damage the environment, it seems a lot more reasonable.

First, many of these exotics get let loose or are set free and destroy native species. Pythons now prowl the Everglades and look at how many European Starlings and House Sparrow there are everywhere in the country. There species that are let free invade the habitats of our native species and can even cause extreme population declines in some situations.

Another issue that comes along with exotic pets is the manner in which they were brought to this county. Many birds are caught in the wild and shipped here to be sold as pets. This is decimating the populations of some of the world's most beautiful birds. While the countries that are exporting these animals should step up as well, as Australia has done with the exportation of its parrots, we in the United States should not be buying these pets.

While I would agree that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before this bill can be passed and enforces, it does seem like this could be a step in the right direction. the full story on this bill can be found here on MSNBC.com. What do you think of this proposed legislation?

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