Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Protecting Boreal Birds

While most of us do not live in Canada, we do enjoy the birds that breed there. As thousands of birders head out to watch migration this spring, how many of us are thinking about where all these birds are going and if their breeding habitats have been destroyed or could be soon. Yes, it is fun to be out in the spring watching all the warblers, vireos, and countless other species but without the Boreal Forest of Canada many of these species would not survive.

The population trends of many Boreal nesters is quite disturbing. Rusty Blackbirds have declined by 95% and Olive-sided Flycatchers, Boreal Chickadees, Bay-breasted and Canada Warblers, and Evening Grosbeaks have each declined by over 70%. Wouldn't it be a shame to be missing some of these species each spring and fall?

The good news is that you can help. In 2008, Ontario protected 55 million acres of Boreal Forest. Now you can sign a petition to encourage Canada to continue this important conservation effort. Go to http://saveourborealbirds.org/sign.html and sign the petition. It only takes a few seconds and you will be helping the Save Our Boreal Birds organization make a strong statement for continued conservation. They have already gathered over 60,000 signatures and would like to have over 70,000 by the time they present it to the Canadian government on May 12th.

This is a free and simple way for you to help protect the birds we all are seeing when we go out birding during spring and fall migration. More information on the Save Our Boreal Birds organization can be found at http://saveourborealbirds.org/index.html.

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