Monday, April 27, 2009

Southern Indiana Birding

Migration really started taking its effect on Indiana this weekend. Last week getting ten warblers in a day was a big challenge, this weekend I had over 20 species of warblers each day and a total of 26 species of warblers for the weekend. Warblers are some of my favorite birds so this was definitely a great weekend. Not only were there many species but also many of those were very cooperative. The highlight for me was a singing Blackburnian lit up by the morning sun. Of course the Summer and Scarlet Tanagers a couple trees over looked amazing in the morning sun as well. The weekend or actually today (Monday) ended my birding for the weekend well with my third or fourth time seeing Willets in Indiana.

Willets on Lake Monroe


Kelly said...

Wow! Great count on the warblers! Where is Lake Monroe?

Heather said...

I'm with Kelly - that's an impressive count of warblers you've got there. Our property was also alive with many new arrivals this past weekend, but only two warblers, and mine were not terribly co-operative. ;) At least I was able to spot them briefly in the bins. Happy birding!

Eric Ripma said...

Lake Monroe is in south-central Indiana, just southeast of Bloomington. Lucky for me I go to school at Indiana University which is in Bloomington. Warbler counts will top 30 in the next couple weeks.

BirdCraze said...

Awesome grab of the family! Grown too!

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