Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Migration

I have been able to get out and bird quite a bit over the past week or so. I went home for Easter weekend and found many species in our own backyard. The highlights were two singing Fox Sparrows, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Hooded Merganser, Purple Finch, both Kinglets, and a pair of Bluebirds checking out a nest box we put up within a few hours of installation.

Around Bloomington, Indiana this week many birds have come in including all the species of swallows, large numbers of Gnatcatchers, and some warblers. Yesterday I found a large flock of more than 65 Purple Finches feeding on Sycamore nuts. And today I was able to find my first Spotted Sandpiper of the year.

Since the start of April I have started to use ebird after about a year and a half of not using it. If you have never heard of ebird you should go check it out at: This website is a great way for the average birder to make a difference while out birding by reporting birds that you see on each outing. Since the last time I had submitted a checklist to ebird it has made many great changes. It is now very easy to search all the data and is the easiest way to keep your own records.

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Anonymous said...

I saw my first Brown Thrasher yesterday just before it got light enough to take a picture.