Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#8 Baltimore Oriole vs. #9 Bobolink

Baltimore Oriole

  • The Baltimore and the Bullock's Orioles used to be considered the same species and were called the Northern Oriole.
  • These two species also hybridize extensively where their ranges overlap but they are not closely related genetically.
  • New World Orioles got there name from the Old World Orioles that look and act very similarly. In reality, the New World Orioles are actually more closely related to blackbirds and meadowlarks.
  • Although males do not get their adult plumage until the fall of their second year, some first-year males do successfully attract a mate and nest.
  • The Baltimore Orioles baseball team was in fact named after this species.

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  • Bobolinks are extraordinary migrants traveling up to 12,500 miles per year.
  • One female that was known to be at least 9 years old had made this migration annually and had traveled a distance equal to 4.5 trips around the earth at the equator.
  • The Bobolink is one of the only songbirds to undergo 2 complete molts per year.
  • The male's breeding plumage is created by the wearing off of some of the feather tips revealing the feathers below.
  • While mostly a daytime feeder, Bobolinks will feed on bright nights when trying to build up fat reserves for their long migrations.

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