Monday, May 18, 2009

Starting to Get to Work

Greetings from Casper, WY

After having fun during the five days of training I drove from Hot Springs, SD to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. It felt like leaving a second home because I had spent so much time at Whitney Preserve last summer since I worked in the Black Hills. The Bighorn Mountains are simply amazing. I birded there on Sunday after a long drive on Saturday. From my campsite I had 2 Golden Eagles, 2 Prairie Falcons, Mountain Chickadee, Dusky Flycatcher, and an American Dipper with a nest. I drove to the highest point in the road which was at 9666 feet and hiked up a little from there to try to find Rosy-Finches. I was very successful and had lots of Black and Gray-crowned Rosy Finches. I also had American Pipits doing flight displays from the tundra. I did a little work this morning without any bird highlights and then drove to Casper. The first route I tried had a road closed so I backtracked then the second route had a snow drift on it causing me to have to turn around one more time. After that I made great time and am happy to be in a city where I can get supplies, internet access, etc.


PS: Pictures will be coming soon but I haven't been able to put them on my computer yet.

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...sounds amazing!