Monday, June 8, 2009

Many of the pictures that you have seen me post from Alaska were all taken with a lens that I rented from I have a Nikon D50 camera body but do not have a lens that is good for the type of wildlife photography I was hoping to do on my trip, so I choose to rent a lens. I decided that my best lens option would be a Nikon 80-400mm zoom and after looking at several other companies, I settled on Borrow Lenses for a few different reasons.

The first and most important feature that Borrow Lenses offers is the lack of a required security deposit on the lens. Many of the other companies that I considered renting the lens from required a deposit equal to the original value of the lens. That would have been a deposit of $1,800, and while I didn’t expect to have anything happen to the lens, I really don’t like having an extra $1,800 sitting on my credit card.

Borrow Lenses also had the lowest rental price of any of the companies that I considered. They also offer two different shipping options allowing you to control the price of shipping as well. Another great feature was their reasonably priced insurance. While I didn’t think anything would happen to the lens, you never know what can happen when traveling. It was nice to know that I was insured for only $14.00 for the whole two weeks. (Insurance rates vary depending on the item you are renting).

They also have a large selection of camera bodies, lenses, and other accessories for both Canon and Nikon. If you are considering purchasing some new equipment but would like to test it out first, I would highly recommend renting it from Borrow Lenses as they seem to have all the newest items. This gives you the ability to test a product prior to purchasing something that ends up not working for your particular needs.

I only had one small issue when renting the lens from Borrow Lenses. After ordering the lens and getting confirmation that it would be available on time, I received a call from Borrow Lenses informing me that the person who had last rented the lens did not return it on time. To remedy the problem, they offered to send it to me using overnight shipping free of charge (I had originally selected two day shipping), and the lens would arrive only one day late. Luckily, I had built in a few extra days in case a situation such as this was to occur. I ended up receiving the lens in plenty of time for my trip.

I highly recommend Borrow Lenses for your camera lens rental needs. While the shipping can get a little pricey (these tend to be heavy items), it is still much cheaper than having to purchase the lens itself. They also offer the added bonus of local pickup if you happen to live in the San Francisco area.


2sweetnsaxy said...

I've never heard of such a thing but what a wonderful idea! I don't currently have a camera that takes lenses but it's nice to know that's an option when I do finally get one.
Thanks for the info!

Ebie said...

Me, too, I have never heard of this option. I only have the basic lens. I will keep this in mind, when the need arises!