Friday, September 18, 2009

Midwest Birding Symposium - Day 1 - A Life Bird!

Greetings all!

I'm posting on Rob's behalf today, as access to the internet is fairly limited for him this weekend. So far, he's having a great time at the birding symposium. I received a text message a short while ago that he saw a Kirtland's Warbler at East Harbor State Park in Lakeside, Ohio - a life bird for him!

Kirtland's Warblers are endangered and one of the rarest members of the wood warbler family. They nest in just a few counties in Michigan's northern Lower and Upper peninsulas, in Wisconsin and the Canadian province of Ontario.

For more information on this rare species, check out Cornell's All About Birds site on Kirtland's Warblers or Michigan's DNR site.

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie Ripma


Dave said...

Oh Yeah! Kirtland's Warbler! And I even got a fuzzy pic to boot.
It was nice to meet you Rob, maybe again in 2011...

Kelly said...

...had fun birding with you, Chad, Loopy and Doodles. Thanks for trying to help me find that little sweety! Next time, I will not leave to go to a class (WHAT was I thinking?). Even so...just knowing he was up in the tree, and I was in the general vicinity of him made me happy!

Weedpicker Cheryl said...

It was great to meet you and Chad, Rob.

We'll look forward to doing it again in 2011- maybe we'll come up with some other mega-rarity!

BEst, Cheryl