Friday, September 25, 2009

What? A flock of migrants?

This has been one of the least exciting fall migrations since I began birding about 10 years ago. I have been able to find some migrants here and there, but each one is taking a large amount of energy. I think I am spoiled after birding at Eagle Creek Park for so long. I finally came across a nice size flock with many FOS (first of season) birds, even though it was rainy and foggy while I was out. Many later migrants have already started to return to Indiana exemplified by my sightings of Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Palm Warbler, and Blue-headed Vireo. I only saw 8 species of warblers but the amount of woodpeckers and vireos made up for it. In Indiana, there are 7 regularly occuring woodpeckers, and I was able to see all but the Red-headed today. There was also a very cooperative Philadelphia Vireo and a couple cooperative Blue-headed Vireos.

Lake Monroe - My birding destination of choice during migration.

I can't wait to get out tomorrow morning for what I hope to be even a better wave of migrants.


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