Monday, October 5, 2009

Birding Indiana's Lakefront

This past weekend provided some fun birding along Lake Michigan during the Indiana Audubon Fall Festival. It started quite slowly on Saturday morning with the lake being devoid of birds. The winds were out of the south so they weren't very conductive for good lakewatching conditions. In the afternoon, it picked up inland with lots of sparrows, including Nelson's Sparrow (the name recently changed from Nelson's Sharp-tailed) and LeConte's Sparrow. We were also able to take part in some bird banding of several different species at the Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center.

More stories and photos from this weekend will be coming soon!


Kelly said...

...I would LOVE to see a Nelson's and LeConte's Sparrow!

Unknown said...

Thanks for helping, can't wait to see the photos