Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area Birds

I hadn't been to Goose Pond in more than a month, so I decided to head over to see if any rare birds were around. I didn't find anything unusual, so it turned into a trip for sparrows. When I first arrived, I walked out into Main Pool West to look for waterfowl and waders. The number of Great Egrets on the property now is unbelievable. For the first hour after sunrise, Great Egrets were constantly flying by with many more hunting in the marsh. This morning I would estimate at least 100 in Main Pool West alone. On my way out of the marsh, I saw a late departing Blue Grosbeak along with many sparrows.

After birding MPW, I decided to just look for sparrows. I visited a few units but found the best sparrows at GP5S. I had never birded the area of the unit I did today, and I was surprised when I found a very tame Henslow's Sparrow. A little ways farther along the edge of the marsh and grassland, I found a cooperative Nelson's Sparrow. One other highlight was a group of 5+ Lincoln's Sparrows in the same bush.

The typical shot of a Nelson's Sparrow. He just wouldn't come out completely into the open.

A very cooperative Henslow's Sparrow. This guy let me approach within 15 feet while he sat there chipping away.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the Henslow's.

Not camera hogs, are they? :)