Monday, December 21, 2009

Help Me Win a Trip to Peru

Gunner Engblom is a birder and conservationist from Peru that also owns Kolibri Expeditions which leads birding tours in Peru. In an attempt promote responsible ecotourism that leads to conservation of local habits, Gunner has created a very unique and exciting giveaway. He is giving away guided tours of Peru. In order to win, you must help Gunner promote birding and conservation in Peru.

Peru is an amazing country that I have long dreamed of visiting. It offers incredible biodiversity but is much less visited by birders than countries such as Costa Rica, Equador, and Panama. Gunner has set out to change this. He understand the importance of ecotourists to the preservation of the rainforests and other habitats in Peru. Hopefully through his work, birders will be able to enjoy the awesome flora and fauna of Peru for years to come.

To help me win one of the tours, please follow this link and sign up for Gunner's newsletter about birding and conservation in Peru. If I'm lucky enough to be selected for this trip, I will be sure to post stories and photos from my exciting adventure in Peru!

Thanks in advance for your support!


P.S. While you are on his blog, read about some of the trips that he offers and begin dreaming of a wonderful trip to Peru.

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wilmsab said...

I just signed up to help you win! Good luck!!!