Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birding at Starkey Park

Today Rob and I went to Starkey Park in Zionsville, Indiana. Five years ago when I couldn't drive I went to this park frequently since it is very close to my house but I had not visited it for a couple of years. We went to try for the Eastern Screech-Owl that frequents one of the Wood Duck boxes but he was no where to be seen.

American Pipit along the creek.

After trying for the owl we hiked along Eagle Creek which borders one edge of the park. There was lots of bird activity and both of us were able to see a couple species that we had not seen in 2010. There was a Belted Kingfisher that was working the open water of the creek. Unfortunately we did not see her catch any prey but were able to watch her fly above the creek. Many sparrows were also along the creek including Swamp, American Tree, and Song. But the highlight of the morning was the American Pipit that was working the edge of the creek. We were able to watch it for a couple minutes while it found a few small morsels of food.

American Pipit with something for breakfast in his bill.

Good Birding-Eric

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