Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birding the Upper Peninsula: Day 2 - Watery Wednesday

After our first full day birding in the Soo area we headed west to explore new parts of the UP. Our first stop was at Hulbert Bog. We had never birded along this road and weren't exactly sure where to bird so we walked most of it instead. After a while we started to notice many chickadees and eventually realized that someone drives down the road and puts seeds out on the road. There were a couple very curious chickadees so I decided to try to get them to feed out of my hand. After a couple flew towards me, thought about it, then flew away, one landed on my hand and took a nut.

The curious and hungry chickadee that visited my hand feeder.

After the fun with the chickadees we continued down the road to where someone had hung suet. We quickly had multiple Gray Jays come in and feed. The jays were lifers for a couple of people, so the looks they provided us were very appreciated.

One of the Gray Jays in Hulbert Bog.

After Hulbert Bog we went to lunch in a small town called Eckerman where Evening Grosbeaks had been reported. As soon as we pulled into Bear Butt Bar and Grill we heard the flight call of the Evening Grosbeak and soon spotted the flock of about 15-20. The grosbeaks were also lifers for a couple of people and I had never seen a male before, so it was quite an exciting sight to see.

A male Evening Grosbeak.

Bear Butt Bar and Grill-The dinner table quickly turned into the bird table.

Our final location for the day was Tahquamenon (rhymes with phenomenon) Falls State Park. This is the only falls in the UP that never completely freezes. It was quite a sight with all the ice and snow around the falls.

We ended the day in Ishpeming, eating dinner in a brewery while watching the Indianapolis Colts roll to yet another victory.


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KaHolly said...

Wonderful photos of birds with a great follow up water shot. Your photography is incredible. Thank you for sharing today! I enjoyed your post very much.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Looks really cold! I can't believe the chickadee landed on the hand, cool! You've got some really awesome photos! :) ...The table looks familiar (filled with binos and such!)

Randi said...

Lovely shots of a beautiful scenery. I love the photo with the bird on the hand!

Hootin' Anni said...

That Grosbeak is gorgeous. Well, all of them are, actually, but I love the colors of the Grosbeak.

My Wednesday post..."Alligators in the Sewer?" is published...come see if you have a bit of time today. I'd love your visit.

Pat said...

That would truly make my day if a chickadee ate from my hand! What an exquisite shot! The fall shot is just lovely, too, as well as the other bird photos. Thanks for sharing these!

NatureFootstep said...

Lovely birds and the fall is gorgeous. As is your photography.

NatureFootstep said...

I could not find the BPW on your blog, somehow surprised me. I is Bird Photography Weekly.

If you are interested you find eh link at my birdblog. :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

How sweet the bird shots are. Would love to have a bird eat out of my hand like that. And that waterfall shot... awwwww-sum! :-)