Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birding Lake Monroe

Yesterday a couple of my birding friends and I decided to drive down to Bloomington and check out some early migrants. As we were driving down form Indianapolis, Eric called to let me know that he had a Black Vulture soaring over Paynetown SRA. This would be a lifer for one person in the group, a state bird for another, and an awesome year bird for me. We were still about 30 minutes away when he called so we speed up a little and hoped that it would still be there when we arrived.

When we finally got there, Eric had two Black Vultures in his scope and everyone was able to see the birds. After scanning the lake for a few minutes, we headed up the road to where a Louisiana Waterthrush had been heard singing earlier in the day. It was still singing away and had been joined by a second individual. Unfortunately, it was so far back along the creek that we were unable to find it but it's beautiful song was good enough for all of us.

We headed across the causeway and stopped at the first pull-off at Cutright SRA to check for Cliff Swallows that always nest under the bridge on the causeway. There were already about 20 birds there hurriedly building their nests for the upcoming breeding season. As we were about to head farther into the park, Eric and I heard the unmistakable song of the first Northern Parula of the year!

While birding in the park, we heard our first Yellow-throated Warbler of the year. Eric had to head to class at this point but the rest of the group continued to bird around Bloomington for the next few hours. We added very few birds to our list for the day, most likely due to the temperatures raising into the mid 80's by noon.

It was a great day to be out! I added 6 species to my Indiana year list which brings my total to 140 and also added 2 species to my ABA area year list bringing my total to 284.

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Are you doing a big year? You really should with such a great number!

Amy Kearns