Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kentucky Warbler Song

Through the continuing storms across most of the eastern United States the warblers have been making their way north. Luckily in southern Indiana we have not had the devastating storms that have passed through the southeast. Over the past three days I have birded the forests around Bloomington, looking for warblers as well as other early arriving migrants.

Over the past few days I have seen 20 species of warblers along with many other migrants. One of the highlights was the return of the Kentucky Warbler. After chasing it's song for 10 minutes and finally giving up, I came across one as I was hiking back to my car. It was a very cooperative bird and sat in the same tree for about 10 minutes, with an occasional foraging foray.

A singing Kentucky Warbler.

Kentucky Warbler-He sang from this perch a few times too.

A group of 5 Black Vultures-This is the largest group of Black Vultures I have had in Indiana this year.

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