Friday, May 14, 2010

An Amazing Two Days

The past two days have finally brought migrants into central Indiana. They have arrived by the hundreds delighting all birders that have had a chance to get out during the middle of the week.

On Thursday, I went to Cool Creek Park for a little over an hour before heading into work. I have never seen the park so alive with birds! In my short time in the park, I had 21 species of warblers including 3 Canadas, 2 Black-throated Blues and my first Mourning Warbler of the year! I ended the morning with 61 species and definitely could have gotten many more with a little more time.

This morning I headed out to Eagle Creek feeling that it could be a great day for birding. I was not disappointed! After a slow start, the marina quickly picked up and warblers were everywhere. A major highlight was beautiful male Golden-winged Warbler that sang for much of the time that I was at the marina. As we continued to sort through the flock, a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher appeared. This is quite early for this species and everyone was very excited. Just as I was about to move on to another area of the park, an Alder Flycatcher started singing. This was a new year bird for me.

Our next stop was the skating pond. We had amazing looks at a Mourning Warbler preening in some bare branches and also added Black-throated Blue and Canada Warblers for the day. My last new year bird was a Lincoln's Sparrow. This is number 235 on the year! I finished the day with 28 species of warblers and 105 species in the park!

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