Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birding in the Dakotas

Greetings from Lisbon, ND

Just some random comments and pics from North Dakota.

I'd rather be the Cattle Egret than the frog-this was taken in some random field in southeast South Dakota while driving to Sheyenne National Grassland.

Blue-winged Teal nest-You'd never know it was there until the explosion of feathers comes up from your feet.
American Coot nest (I believe)-the reward for wading through water that is almost waist deep.

A closer look at the American Coot nest.

American Bittern- standing a few hundred feet off the highway next to a gravel road.

I've been in Sheyenne National Grassland for 2 days and have had well over 30 American Bitterns, 50 Soras, and hundreds of breeding ducks. I was also lucky enough to see a Yellow Rail.

While waiting for the library to open in Lisbon today I went to the city park. I had 9 warblers and 3 vireos, nothing like the migration in Indiana but it was still nice to see Magnolia and Blackpoll Warblers at eye level.

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