Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IAS Spring Festival

This past weekend, I attended the IAS Spring Festival at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary for the first time ever. I arrived on Friday afternoon and quickly got to work helping set everything up. After a short board meeting and a little birding, Ross Brittian started his presentation on the owls of Indiana. Once he finished up, we went outside to try to catch some Eastern Screech-Owls. While we did hear them call once or twice, none of them ended up in our nets.

The next morning I was going to be leading a bird hike on the property but when I woke up to thunderstorms at 4am, I began to wonder if my hike would happen. We decided to give it a try in the rain. It was slow for the first 2 hours but then the rain stopped and the amount of birds quickly picked up! We ended the day with 69 species including 15 warblers.

My hike was set to go out again at 7am on Sunday but we were again threatened by rain. This time we were even luckier and the rain stopped just as the hike started. Although this hike was much shorter, we found 57 species including 14 warblers and 2 year birds for me, Acadian Flycatcher and Yellow-breasted Chat.

It was a very successful weekend. The event was attended by about 45 adults and over 24 kids. Hopefully we can continue to make this event bigger and better. Now on to our Fall Festival at McCormick's State Park!

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Chad said...

It was a great festival especially when you factor in the rain. You did a great job leading the hikes. You are a very well respected birded these days. Unlike some other names I could mention!