Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black Hills Birding

Greetings from Spearfish, SD

Over the past couple weeks I have been able to do lots of birding throughout the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have also been lucky enough to have a few interesting birds pause for a picture-sometimes when I have my camera and also when I don't. I have seen a few birds that I haven't seen in the Black Hills before including Cassin's Finch and White-winged Crossbill. I have also seen some great mountain birds including Clark's Nutcracker, Gray Jay, and American Dipper. One of the biggest highlights though was finding a Black-backed Woodpecker nest hole, with the young yet to have fledged and an adult female in the next tree over.

Juvi Townsend's Solitaire-although not all range maps show Townsend's Solitaires as a breeding species, I think this shot shows that is wrong.

Pine Siskin- a common bird in The Hills (slang for the Black Hills)

Lewis's Woodpecker-One of my favorite woodpeckers.

Iron Creek-This creek/canyon runs into Spearfish Canyon. This area is one of the only areas to see American Dippers in the Hills.

American Dipper-One of the most interesting birds in my opinion. This bird actually dives under the rapids of creeks and catches aquatic insects. It usually builds its nest on a rock next to a rushing creek or waterfall.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. So glad that this was one of the times that you brought your camera along.

Katlyn Richter
South Dakota Office of Tourism