Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day at Goose Pond

On Sunday, Steph and I left our house at 5 am and headed downtown to pick up our friends Ted and Cindy for a day trip to Goose Pond FWA in Greene County. I have been there many times and it is one of my favorite place to bird. I hadn't been down there yet this summer so there where many new birds for me to see for the year.

We started off on Farmhouse Drive. We immediately heard many Sedge Wrens singing. A little farther down the road I found a female Bobolink flying over. Another highlight was a small covey of Northern Bobwhites. We continued on to some other units and added great looks at Blue Grosbeaks and Dickcissels. As we drove down the road, Ted noticed 3 raptors off the to right. We stopped and found that they were the family of Northern Harriers that had recently been reported from the area.

Looking of Main Pool West

Our next stop was by the Tern Island to look for herons and egrets. While we struck out on Little Blue Heron, we were able to add a Snowy Egret to our list. Since we were done birding at Goose Pond, we made a detour on the way home to visit a Mississippi Kite nest. It didn't take us long to locate the nest and find one almost fully grown chick in it. It was a fantastic day to be in the field and we all had a great time in the beautiful weather.

Mississippi Kite on Nest


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