Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Moose and 2 Lifers!

Yesterday, Stephanie and I decided that we liked Sylvan Lake State Park so much that we wanted to bird there again, so we headed out the door at 8:00 and we were at the park by 8:30. One of the first birds that we found was Cassin's Finch. This was a lifer for me, but we were unable to take any photos due to them being terribly back lit.

We continued past the lake on the forest road and finally came upon another flock of birds. We parked in a small pull-off and followed the flock up the road. We found a group of Gray Jays, our first of the trip, and had a flyover Williamson's Sapsucker. As we continued on, we noticed some cows coming down the road towards us. All of a sudden they started running straight at us. We were pretty close to the car so we quickly ran back and jumped in. As I looked back I noticed that something was chasing the cows! It was a huge moose! Below are a couple of pictures I took as it ran by.

A moose chasing a group of about 20 cows!

Another moose shot.

This morning, we drove back to Denver for another stop at Red Rocks Park. There had been a Golden-crowned Sparrow reported from their feeders, and it would be a lifer if I could find it. There was one birder there when we arrived who had seen and photographed the bird shortly before we got there. After about 15 minutes, I got a very short glimpse of the bird, but it disappeared into the bushes immediately. Over the next 45 minutes, I only got one more look at the bird, but I was able to see it nonetheless.

While I was waiting for the bird, Stephanie was busy photographing the more common birds at the feeders. Below are a couple of the shots she took.

Dark-eyed Junco

Western Scrub-Jay



Anonymous said...

I love that the moose's wattle is swinging in your pic. They are so funny looking.

I wonder why he was chasing the cows. You mean domestic cows, I assume.

Amy Kearns

Unknown said...

very nice nature photos:) Thanks for sharing your experiences with nameless readers like us.

Rob Ripma said...

Amy - Yes, domestics cows. They are everywhere out there! I think the moose came out of the woods and spooked them. Then once they started running it decided to run after them. It was actually pretty funny!