Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Past 3 Weeks

Wow has the time ever flown since I got back from Colorado. I have been so busy that I have not gotten out birding much but, most of my work has been bird related. After having never been asked to speak at anything in my life, I got 2 requests in under a week!

The first request came from one of our customers at the Wild Birds Unlimited that I work at. The customer runs a foundation and one of the things that they do is teach three elementary school classes about birds. The next topic was identification, which I love to teach so I jumped at the opportunity. I must say that I am much more comfortable working with adults and I was quite worried about how I would do working with kids. Luckily, it went great with the third grade class and the kids learned a ton. I also learned a lot about working with kids! Since then, I have been back to the school for the second graders and I will be going back again to teach the fourth graders! I have even been invited back in the spring to talk about migration!

My other speaking engagement was with the Boone County (IN) Bluebird Society. I had no particular topic so it was slightly difficult for me to get rolling when planning the presentation but I finally got something put together. The presentation was at the Zion Nature Center a quaint little nature center in Zionsville. It had been years since I had been there and it was great to look around before I got started. About 20 bluebird enthusiasts were at the meeting and I spoke the them about my favorite birding locations in Indiana and beyond. They all asked wonderful questions and I had a great time!

Me speaking to the Boone County Bluebird Society

This weekend I will be in Chicago but unfortunately will not be birding. I will be heading up to lake Michigan on Tuesday for some birding along the Indiana lakeshore!