Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Rare Bird in Indiana

Today I headed down to Bloomington to meet up with Eric to look for a Harris's Sparrow that had been reported at Paynetown SRA on Lake Monroe. I picked him up at 12:45 and headed towards the lake. When we pulled into the parking area where the Harris's had been seen, there were two other birders there looking for it but they had not seen the bird yet. A local birder has started a seed pile in the campground at the site and the sparrow has been frequenting that pile. You are actually able to sit in the warmth of your car and wait for the bird to show up! After about 10 minutes, Eric spotted the bird directly in front of my car. We watched and photographed the bird for the next 20 minutes but it never really came close enough for a great shot.

This is the best that shot that we managed to get.

Harris's Sparrow

This is only the second time that either of us had seen this bird in Indiana. Since it didn't take us long to find the Harris's Sparrow we decided to look for some waterfowl on the lake. There were tons of Hooded Mergansers and a few other species but nothing out of the ordinary. All in all, it was a great day with one very exciting bird!



Kelly said...

A Harris's Sparrow!! Oh my gosh... I read a book on them a year or so ago and have wanted to see one since. Great capture.

Chad said...

Awesome sir... thanks for guiding me to the bird the other day! Your the man!