Thursday, March 17, 2011

San Elijo Lagoon

Last Friday, Eric, my dad, and I all flew out to California for a birding trip for Eric's spring break. After getting into San Diego, we spent the afternoon at the zoo which is fantastic! The next morning, we headed out birding with our first stop being San Elijo Lagoon. As we walked down the main trail, I got a lifer within about 2 minutes, a Wrentit. Then we walked back from the observation area in the middle of the lagoon where an Anna's Hummingbird perched nearby allowing for some nice pictures to be taken.

Anna's Hummingbird

We continued in search of our target species for the morning, California Gnatcatcher. While looking for the gnatcatcher, another hummingbird caught our eye. A beautiful male Allen's Hummingbird was sitting on top of a large bush begging to be photographed!

Allen's Hummingbird

We finally heard a gnatcatcher singing up ahead and quickly headed that way. We found the bird and got pretty good looks as it feed in some bushes about 20 yards off of the trail. We continued on past the bird in search of other things. As we headed back to the car, we passed by the area with the gnatcatchers again. My dad asked what the bird was in the bush right next to us and much to our surprise, it was a California Gnatcatcher! I was able to take some awesome photos!

California Gnatcatcher

Stay tuned for more posts about our birding adventures in California!


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