Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Migration!

Lots of migrants have been streaming into Indiana over the past few days which has led to some great sightings. Over the weekend I went home and had time to bird The Burn in Montgomery County and at Eagle Creek Park a couple of times. The highlights over the weekend were Smith's Longspurs and Northern Goshawk. Blue-headed Vireo and 4 species of warblers were also noteworthy.
Spotted Sandpiper-at the beach at Paynetown SRA on Lake Monroe

Since we had storms all night on Sunday I figured some unusual birds could be found on Lake Monroe today. There weren't too many uncommon birds but quite a few species that arrived in Indiana a little earlier than usual. My first was Yellow-throated Vireo, this is 10 days before my first Yellow-throated Vireo last year. I also had White-eyed Vireo in the same area which is about right on time for date of arrival.
Yellow Warbler-one of at least three present in the campground at Paynetown SRA.
Once I moved on to Lake Monroe, I had Spotted Sandpiper which is a little earlier than my average first sighting of this species. My only unusual bird of the day was a female Surf Scoter that was in a small flock of shovelers, teal, Ring-necked Ducks, and Redhead. This is an uncommon bird in the interior of Indiana but is fairly common along Lake Michigan. In the same area I also had at least 3 Yellow Warblers which is about 7 days earlier than I usually see it in the year.
A Northern Cardinal that liked checking himself out in the mirror on my car.

What was supposed to be an hour break from writing a paper today, quickly turned into a few hours of birding . . . at least I think it was worth it.

Get out and enjoy spring migration while it lasts!


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