Friday, July 22, 2011

Lewis's Woodpecker Habitat

I know quite a few people who have struggled to find Lewis's Woodpeckers in the past. For the most part I think it is just due to most people not completely understanding where to look but may also be due to me living in Indiana so most people I know don't get to bird the west as much as I am able to. But I still thought I would take a couple of quick shots with my ipod to show the ideal habitat for LEWOs

This area is close to Elk Mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota but this hillside is actually in Wyoming. Luckily if you like state lists this habitat is in both states so you can quickly add LEWO to your lists for both states. This area is also very good for Red-headed Woodpecker as well as tons of Northern Flickers (mostly red-shafted).

Anyway, as you can see this habitat is a burned area. This spot happens to be burned Ponderosa Pine but it doesn't have to be burned Ponderosa to attract LEWO but they are usually a little more common at a relatively low elevation whereas if there were a big burned area like this at about 6000 feet than Black-backed Woodpecker would be more common when within the Black-backed's range. Three-toed Woodpeckers are also known to use burned areas but for some reason they don't in the Black Hills. Three-toed can be found in spruce and high elevation pine beetle killed forests within the Black Hills.


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