Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Say's Phoebe

After a busy semester that didn't include much birding, I figured it was the right time for the chasing of a rare bird. Over the past few weeks a Say's Phoebe had been a loyal resident of a reclaimed strip mine, now Chinook Fish and Wildlife Area, in western Indiana. Even though I see this species almost daily during the summer, I had never seen it in Indiana so the chase was on. There have only been 5 other documented reports of this phoebe in Indiana and most of the others have not been chasable. Rob had not been out to Chinook yet either so we met up and drove the rest of the way out there. Over the first few hours the bird was no where to be seen but we did have Northern Harriers, Rough-legged Hawks, plenty of Tails (Red-tailed Hawks), and a few other species. Overall, it was quiet and we started to figure the bird had taken off with the front that had moved through the day before. Luckily, as we started to leave the bird swooped in front of our car and landed on the fence it had been using for the past few weeks. It was fairly cooperative and we were able to get some decent pics of this rare Indiana visitor.


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Dan Huber said...

Wonderful when a chase works out. great images too.