Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From Brown Jay to Black-vented Oriole

It was another wonderful day in south Texas. Our day started out with freezing temperatures and fog on the Rio Grande at Salineno but that was all forgotten when the Brown Jay put on a show at the feeders. 
Brown Jay
Eric had found a Zone-tailed Hawk before we moved on to the feeders and he took everyone back to look for it after the Brown Jay came in. We were not disappointed! After getting our fill of the perched Zone-tailed, we headed on to see what we could find at Falcon State Park. The birding was rather slow but the photography blinds did provide some entertainment.

Altamira Oriole

On our way to Bentson-Rio Grande Valley State Park, we stopped at a Whataburger so that Chad could try it for the first time. Once at Bentson, the Black-vented Oriole arrived at the feeders within just a couple of minutes. This was both Eric and my first lifer of the trip!

Black-vented Oriole
While watching the oriole, a lady told us about a day roost for an Eastern Screech-Owl. Since the owl would be a lifer for Chad, we decided to head straight there. The owl was only about 7 feet off the ground and paid absolutely no attention to us as we took a million pictures!

Eastern Screech-Owl
Eric and I finished the day with one lifer each while Chad took the lifer award with five lifers! Tomorrow will be a very busy day of birding with stops at Estero Llano Grande State Park, Frontera Audubon Thicket, and Quinta Mazatlan. There are a ton of rarities to be found. Be sure to check back for more pictures in the next couple of days!


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