Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: BirdsEye BirdLog

I have been waiting a long time for an app exactly like this one to come out. I loved the original BirdsEye app but have always hoped that I would be able to keep track of my eBird checklists while I was in the field. BirdsEye BirdLog - North America makes this easier than I ever imagined. When I started testing this app about two weeks ago, it was immediately evident that it was going to make entering my eBird checklists much faster and more accurate.

The mapping feature for choosing where you are birding is extremely easy to use and quickly populates with all of the hotspots in your area. Another great feature is the ability to choose a birding location that you have recently submitted a checklist from. I visited the same park twice this week, so this feature cut out the unnecessary step of find it on the map both times.

Another option is to create a checklist without using any location data. This would be especially useful when birding in remote areas with no cell reception. You can then submit you list when you are back in an area with reception or have found a wifi hotspot.

At the top of every checklist, there is a box where you can enter the number and a species, using the common name or 4 letter banding code. This makes adding species to your list quick and easy so that you can focus on birding and not creating your list.

You can also go back and view past checklists that you have submitted but you must go to the full eBird website in order to edit the lists.

The app is currently at an introductory price of $9.99 which is a steal for such a great product. It will go up to $14.99, but I am unsure of when that will happen. So be sure to get the app soon to get the special pricing! The app is available for both Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

While this version only covers North America (U.S., including Hawaii, and Canada), there is a version of this app called BirdsEye BirdLog - World will be available soon.


*I received this app free from BirdsEye for the purpose of writing a review.


lwsexson said...

I paid for mine. I use the iOS version. I am enjoying it so far. I have not had much luck using the 4letter codes though. Probably operator error. I know I will be entering more of my sightings now that I have it. It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

BirdsEyeBirding said...

Thanks for the review! Enjoy the app. BirdLog world is now in the app store!

Anonymous said...

I think the only thing I don't like is the price! I absolutely love BirdsEye. I definitely get my money's worth, especially when traveling. But I REALLY can't get over how much this app is. Especially when I think it should be included (most of my other birding apps already have a built in bird list tracker). Cornell is getting a bit greedy with this one.$9.99/$19.99 is a steep fee for an iPhone app.

NuttyBirder - Did you pay for it or did you get a "free evaluation"?