Sunday, April 8, 2012

Smith's Longspur

I decided to bird "The Burn" close to Crawfordsville, IN this weekend since I came home for Easter.  My dad and I went out there early in the morning and quickly found our 2 target birds, Smith's Longspur and American Golden-Plover.  Golden-Plover was first when we found a flock of around 1000 birds in a field north of The Burn.  Next was a flock of Smith's Longspurs at The Burn itself.  I was able to get my first pictures of this species but most of the individuals of the flock were not yet in breeding plumage but there were a couple that were getting close.

Singing Field Sparrow

Smith's Longspur-almost in breeding plumage

Smith's Longspur

2 of the American Golden-Plovers
Happy Easter,

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Laurence Butler said...

Excellent! What a solid bird.