Thursday, July 19, 2012

American Woodcock Behavior

As you may have seen on Rob's post a few days ago, there was an American Woodcock that was feeding out in the open at Eagle Creek Park on Sunday.  Today, Rob and I went back to scan the flats for shorebirds and the woodcock was still present.  Without all the birders around we tried to get some better shots.  We were able to work our way close and get some nice behavioral shots before he went back into the woods.

American Woodcock-6
If you have ever wondered what an American Woodcock looks like when approached by
a chipmunk, you now know!

American Woodcock-3
The woodcock successfully foraging for a worm.

American Woodcock-4
After he had eaten the worm, he did not look too sure whether it was a good idea to down the
whole thing.

American Woodcock-5
This is what the woodcock looked like for about 80% of the time.  His bill completely
submerged in the mud while foraging.
It was an exciting way to spend the morning!