Monday, July 2, 2012

Young Birders and Young Vultures

On Saturday, Eric and I both went up to Lafayette to help with an Indiana Young Birders Club event. The event was held on the property of the grandfather of a couple of our club members. Even though it was pretty hot outside, about 8 young birders came out to see what we could find on this 200 acre property. The main target for the day were the Turkey Vultures that nest in an old barn on the property. After checking a couple of bluebird boxes, only a couple of which had bluebirds (the others had House Wrens), we headed over to the barn. We all climbed up an old wooden ladder into the upper level of the barn where the vultures are nesting. There in the corner were two rather unhappy young Turkey Vultures. Everyone snapped a few photos and then let them be.

Young Turkey Vultures
We spent the next several hours hiking around the property looking for birds, butterflies, and anything else interesting that we could find. The birding was quite slow due to the heat but we did see a Northern Parula at eye level and heard a couple of American Redstarts. There were lots of butterflies and dragonflies around and I managed to get a couple good photos.

Pipevine Swallowtail

Widow Skimmer
Everyone had a great time exploring a new place and hopefully we will be able to take another trip to this property in the spring when its cooler outside and there are migrants moving through!


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