Friday, August 24, 2012

Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area Birding

I headed down to Goose Pond on Tuesday to study/photograph shorebirds and to look for the Wood Storks that had been found there recently.  Unfortunately, when I arrived a few thunderstorms were moving through so I was not able to do much photography in the morning but it was the only time I saw the Wood Storks (which was a state bird for me)!  I spent the rest of the time birding around Goose Pond and Beehunter Marsh concentrating mostly on shorebirds.

Lesser Yellowlegs-many of these would feed close by allowing for some good photo opportunities 

Black-necked Stilt-this species has become one of the common birds at Goose Pond

Pectoral Sandpiper-this pec landed about 20 feet away, then realized I was there

This Sedge Wren was very cooperative and let me get within 10 feet.  

There were lots of spider webs around Beehunter Marsh.  With the morning light and a light dew it was
a beautiful scene.

One of the storms moving through the first morning I was there, although a little irritating, it was a pretty scene

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