Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Photograph Shorebirds: A Simple Tip

My simple tip to improve photographs of shorebirds is to get as low as you can.  If you can get down to eye-level the photographs will be more unique and create a connection between the viewer and the bird.  A side effect of getting lower, is that the background will also be more appealing in most cases.  Another positive is that when you are lower to the ground, or laying on the ground, shorebirds are more likely to approach you!

Compare the pictures below that I took at Eagle Creek Park of the same Least Sandpiper.

Juv. Least Sandpiper:  Even though I like how this photo turned out, it is not as dramatic as the
photos below.  Notice how the entire background is mud and the bird doesn't stand out from the background.

Juv. Least Sandpiper:  Notice how the Least Sandpiper pops out of the background; it's a much more dramatic
photo.  The background is also much nicer, with some greens, instead of just mud.

Juv. Least Sandpiper:  Just another example of getting low . . . 

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ingrid said...

This is such a great illustration of the difference that eye-level photography makes. I don't know if people realize how often bird and wildlife photographers are crawling around in mud and in the most uncomfortable of circumstances. :)