Friday, September 21, 2012

Birding in the San Jacinto Mountains

Today is my last day in California before I head back to Indiana. My wife and I decided to spend the last morning going up the mountain to Idyllwild. Idyllwild is up above 5,000 feet in the San Jacinto Mountains and is significantly cooler than Palm Desert where we have been staying. The highlight of my morning was getting two life birds! The first was White-headed Woodpecker, which I have been wanting to find for a long time!
White-headed Woodpecker

White-headed Woodpecker
My second lifer was California Quail. While birding earlier in the morning, we met talked with a lady at Idyllwild Park who told us about a location in a local neighborhood where she sees quail almost everyday. She didn't know what species they were but I thought it was worth checking out since I needed both California and Mountain for my life list. We didn't see any quail on our first pass through the area but when we went back after lunch, there were at least 8 California Quail!

We will be heading home tomorrow. I ended up with 4 lifers on the trip and had a wonderful time birding, golfing, and hanging out with our family!



Unknown said...

Very cool Rob! White-headed Woodpecker is a great bird. I've only seen them a couple times, once in Oregon and once here in Idaho. Now California Quail, I get to see them almost daily by the dozens and sometimes by the hundreds. Glad you added them to your list. We need to get you out to Idaho for some more life birds.

Rob Ripma said...

Thanks Robert! I would definately love to come bird in Idaho sometime! Not sure how many lifers I could get but I'm sure there are quite a few!