Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goose Pond FWA to Build Visitor Center

There was recently some awesome news announced about one of the premier birding destinations in Indiana. Indiana DNR will be building the DNR Southwest Regional Offices and Visitor Center on the Goose Pond property! The story in the Greene County Daily World can be read here:

The groundbreaking ceremony was just held with Gov. Mitch Daniels in attendance. The story of the ground breaking can be found here : The governor was also in attendance for the dedication of the property several years ago and is a huge supporter of Goose Pond.

Dickcissel - One of the resident breeders at Goose Pond
In my opinion, this Visitor Center will do great things for not only Goose Pond FWA but for the whole Greene County community as well. This will be a huge draw for birders, naturalists, and hunters alike and will create an even larger flow of money into the community than Goose Pond without a Visitor Center.  It is sad to see the misguided comments in the comment section of these articles in the Daily World. To ignore the economic impact of birders and hunters is amazing to me. While some people believe this is a waste of money and a drain on the local economy, I could not disagree more. This will be a bright spot for Greene County for years to come and could serve as a catalyst for future growth in the area. I for one will keep birding at Goose Pond and that means I will spend money in Linton for food and gas every trip.


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