Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hawk Migration Above the Yard

Warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, and all topped off by many raptors.  When I first walked out the back door there were warblers everywhere!  I quickly saw 10 species of warblers including my first Black-and-white Warbler for the yard this fall as well as my first Orange-crowned Warbler this fall.  Through the early afternoon I added a few new warblers and other migrants.  One highlight was an extremely cooperative Wilson's Warbler, however, I, of course, didn't have my camera.  

Bay-breasted Warbler-on of the more common warblers this morning

Gray Catbird-There have been tons of
these throughout September.
A few later migrants also showed up in the yard this morning.  A couple White-throated Sparrows were feeding in the yard but were only around for a little while.  2 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were a very nice surprise as was a Hairy Woodpecker which is pretty uncommon in the yard.

Gray-cheeked Thrush-A few weeks back this was a new yard bird, this
fall I have seen quite a few.
In the afternoon, after the clouds had burned off, the hawk migration began.  I had two great kettles of Broad-wingeds migrate over and many other single birds migrating over.  Overall I had about 95 individual raptors.

Here is the raptor count:
Northern Harrier-2
Sharp-shinned Hawk-8
Cooper's Hawk-1
Broad-winged Hawk-76
Red-tailed Hawk-6
Peregrine Falcon-1

16 Broad-winged Hawks and 3 Turkey Vultures, a portion of the small kettle that migrated over

3 Broad-wingeds and my first Northern Harrier for the yard.

A very bad picture of a Peregrine Falcon that came migrating by, another yard bird.

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