Monday, September 24, 2012

Molt in North American Birds Review

Whether you are an avid birder or a beginner, Peterson Reference Guide to Molt in North American Birds (Peterson Reference Guides) is a book that should be included in your bird book collection.  You can learn anything from feather groupings to the molting strategies of different families of birds.  This information is extremely useful for identification purposes and is also interesting for the common birder to learn.

At the start of the book, all the basics of molt are discussed in great detail.  Difficult to understand concepts such as molt strategies are discussed and the ramifications of this information is explained.  You quickly learn that molt strategies can explain more about birds than you would have ever thought.  After this the book goes into great detail about what is known of the molt strategies of all the families of birds.  Interesting facts such as what I mentioned in this post are explained in great detail!!!

If you love to learn about the lives of birds, I would highly suggest purchasing this book.


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